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P.S.E.C. Inc.

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Often, more than one area of expertise and industry knowledge is required in order to provide specialized consulting services. Pamela S. Spalter, Esq., our Founder and Director, is a licensed attorney in good standing who has twenty (20) years of professional employment consulting experience from both the inside of a corporation (at the highest level) and in providing outsourcing services as a specialized consultant, consistently earning a reputation for excellence & professional integrity. Pam has assisted the nation’s most prestigious law firms with their strategic growth (AmLaw ranked, national, regional, boutiques, solo practitioners) as well as a few select corporations. Pam has established numerous new client relationships contemporaneously with fostering and expanding existing ones and is consistently lauded for always maintaining the highest of ethical standards and practices. For over a decade, Pam has worked extensively to assist lateral attorneys with significant portable books of business, self-sustaining groups of attorneys, and those entertaining mergers to find their right long-term home. She understands the highly unique needs of such esteemed professionals. Additionally, she’s assisted select corporations in identifying, evaluating and securing counsel. If you contact P.S.E.C. Inc., you will have Pam’s personal assistance and involvement (you’re not engaging a company – you are engaging the professional directly).

We encourage you to check out the countless testimonials she’s received from attorneys such as yourself. Posted testimonials are updated often on our website. Additional testimonials may be found on Pam's linked-in. A few recently received are below:

Law Firm Client Testimonial:

"Pam has been an important partner in our firm’s growth. She works hard, creatively and consistently to understand our needs and create opportunities for us.  We made four extraordinary acquisitions last year through her efforts” R.L., Managing Shareholder Partner (multi-state law firm)

Attorney Lateral Testimonial:

“Pam is the most professional, enthusiastic, and effective recruiting professional that I’ve met in over twenty years spanning two industries. …..Pam worked diligently (and seemingly tirelessly) with me to assess my situation and the market conditions…. Pam did much more than funnel my resume to her contacts; she really sought to understand my motivation and aspirations and to match those with a firm that had similar goals and a complementary philosophy. Her discriminating approach really focused on the firms that were most likely to engage on an intimate level, rather than those that were just fishing for talent without a plan. While I was several time zones behind Eastern Time, Pam routinely contacted me before and after business hours with meaningful input and feedback, and I know that she sacrificed much personal time on my behalf. After I was hired, Pam continued to offer assistance and suggestions regarding a relocation strategy as well as locations, neighborhoods, and schools for me and my family to consider. She may have done such a great job that I never have to use her services again, but I’ll never stop recommending her to friends and colleagues.” (V.C., Lateral Attorney, Florida)

Attorney Lateral Testimonial:

".....Pam was focused and flexibly strategic ... Pam was also, without question, the most intelligent and straightest shooter of a recruiter I've ever known. Pam was exactingly honest and accurate. In an industry that has its fair share of hyperbole, hard sells and half-truths, she is a consummate professional who exercises the highest level of integrity. I will wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who ever asks, "do you know a good legal recruiter I can trust?"  Why yes, I do." Commercial Litigation, Junior Partner, New York. 

Word-of-mouth is how most attorneys and clientele find Pam. She is open, direct, an astute listener, and believes in the traditional values of honesty, ethics, ownership, and engagement. Her reputation is a proven track record of excellence, integrity, professionalism, and industry knowledge. We encourage you to contact her directly. Email: contactpamela@psecinc.com.

All communications are held in the strictest of confidence. 


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